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Express Style Deli & Catering
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Services Offered by Our Caterers in Winnipeg

If you're looking for caterers in Winnipeg, simply call and place your order. Don’t see exactly what you want? We can customize orders for your breakfast, luncheon, party, or any event. Please also keep in mind that:

Catering requires 24 hours’ notice.

$20 Delivery fee if order is to be delivered before 8 am.

Free delivery for orders over $350.

$25 Delivery charge on orders under $350.
Taxes not included in menu prices.

Vegetarian and vegan options available.
We customize to meet your personal preference.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Gluten-free options available.

Soups, Sandwiches & More - 3BDE3101DCFC.jpg

Wrap Tray
A delicious assortment of our wraps colourfully displayed to please the eye and your appetite. 

Bite Size Wraps

The same as our wrap tray, only in beautifully arranged bite-size pieces.

Sandwich & Wrap Combo Platter
A great combination of our fresh sandwiches and wraps both loaded with fresh veggies.

Sandwich Platter
An assortment of our delicious sandwiches served on a variety of fresh breads with our fresh veggie fixings.

Signature Wrap Platter
An assortment of our delicious signature wraps loaded with fresh veggies.

Fancy Sandwiches
A great combination of pinwheels and finger sandwiches for your more formal functions.
Requires 48 hours' notice

Fancy Sandwiches Require Minimum 48 hours’ Notice

Catered Salads
Tossed Garden Salad/ Caesar/ Greek

Fresh Fruit Tray
An assortment of sweet, delicious and nutritious seasonal fruit. No dip with this one – it doesn’t need it!

Catered Soup by the Bowl
Goes great with all our trays. Six or more different soups daily.
Per person $4.99

Meat Platter
Turkey breast, corned beef, roast beef, ham, Black Forest ham, all fresh sliced and rolled. Served with Kaiser buns, cheddar and Monterey slices, mayo and mustard. Let them create their own masterpieces!

Fresh Veggie & Dip Tray
A fresh, crisp assortment of veggies attractively displayed and served with tangy ranch dip – a great accompaniment to our sandwich or wrap trays.

Cheese & Pickle Platter
Great on its own or with one of our other platters, this tray has a variety of cheese and pickles.

Muffins by the Dozen
An assortment of our large, delicious, fresh muffins.

Box of One Dozen - $35.00

48 Mini Muffins - $35.00

Dessert Tray
An assortment of our cakes and pastries, all bite-sized – great for a sweet tooth!

Continental Breakfast Tray
Bagels, muffins, croissants, danish and more – start your morning off right with this light and delicious tray.

Soups, Sandwiches & More - 3BDE3101DCFC.jpg

Catered Coffee
$15.00 Carafe Fee + $1.50 per person

Soft Drink Cans - $1.25 each

Bottled Juice - $1.39 each

Bottled Water - $1.39 each

*minimum 10 people.

Contact Information

428 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0L8


Phone: 204-947-2026



Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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